Kidney Cancer Treatment in Gurgaon

What are the signs and symptoms of kidney cancer?

Following are some possible signs and symptoms of kidney cancer :

  • Blood in urine
  • Fatigue and loss of appetite
  • A lump on the side or lower dorsal
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Anemia
  • Persistent fever
  • Uncommon low back pain on one side (pain that doesn’t come from any injury)
Kidney Cancer Treatment In Delhi

Still, kidney cancer may not have any such signs in its early stages. But these are some of its common symptoms. Thus, see a doctor for kidney cancer treatment in Gurgaon if you have any such signs.

What are tests & procedures to detect kidney cancer?

The exact cause of kidney cancer is still unknown. However, some possible causes are smoking, obesity, older age, and high blood pressure. But it is curable if detected and diagnosed at an early stage. So, here are a few tests that your doctor may suggest to detect kidney cancer:

Kidney Cancer Treatment In Delhi
  • Overall health & physical check-ups
  • Family medical history
  • Blood and urine tests
  • Imaging tests to confirm any tumor or irregularity. The tests may include X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI.
  • Besides, you may need to get a biopsy to detect the type of tumor. But it is not needed in every case.

It is wise to consult a kidney cancer specialist to cure this illness properly. So, you can reach out to Dr. Priya Tiwari. She provides the best treatment for kidney cancer patients.

What treatment options are possible for Kidney cancer?

Usually, the treatment of kidney cancer is surgery. Also, it depends on several factors, such as the type & stage of your cancer, age, overall health, etc. Listed below are some kidney cancer treatment options:

  • Surgery can be the primary cure for many kidney cancer patients. But, it depends on the type and stage of cancer. So, a proper and precise diagnosis is crucial.
  • Some non-surgical options include cryoablation (which uses cold gases to freeze or destroy cancer cells) and radiofrequency ablation (which uses an electric current that runs through the needle to burn the cancer cells).
  • Targeted therapy works on specific areas that help in the growth of cancer. Dr. Priya Tiwari has targeted therapy expertise and precisely analyzes and treats cancer.
  • Chemo, radiation, and immunotherapies are the other options for kidney cancers. It halts or delays the progress of cancer and helps you fight it.
  • For severe and advanced cases, there are combined treatment options. And it may include the meld of surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.
Kidney Cancer Treatment In Delhi

Why consult Dr. Priya Tiwari for kidney cancer treatment in Gurgaon?

Dr. Priya Tiwari provides the best cure and care to kidney cancer patients. She has years of expertise and has thoroughly treated many kidney cancer cases. Also, Dr. Tiwari is a qualified expert in targeted chemo, radiation, and immunotherapies. She solves major cancer cases with fewer risks and positive outcomes with advanced procedures. Also, she understands the patient’s and family’s condition and thus provides constant support to cope with this illness. Hence, Dr. Priya Tiwari is the most reliable and finest kidney cancer specialist in Gurgaon. Visit her for the best kidney cancer treatment in Gurgaon.

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