Breast Cancer Specialist in Delhi

Breast Breast Cancer Specialist in Delhi

What is Breast Cancer?

An uncontrolled growth and division of breast cells can lead to breast cancer. Cancer originates in breast tissues. As a result of mutating (changing) and growing out of control, breast cells form a mass of tissue (tumor).

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in women in India, after skin cancer. Women are more likely to develop breast cancer than men, despite the fact that it can affect either gender. You can cure breast cancer if you receive the right treatment and consult a cancer specialist. As a breast cancer specialist in Delhi, Dr. Priya Tiwari can help you identify breast cancer early and provide advanced diagnosis and treatment. Personalized treatments will help you cure breast cancer with an improved understanding of the disease.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The symptoms of breast cancer can vary from person to person. If your body develops cancerous cells in the breasts, you may experience some possible symptoms.

  • Changes in breast size or shape
  • Small lumps or masses
  • The presence of a lump or thickening in your breasts or underarms
  • A distinct area on either breast.
  • Experience a marvel-like hardening area under the skin
  • Your nipple discharges blood-stained or clear fluid.
  • Breast or nipple skin that looks or feels different
  • You may experience redness on your breasts or nipples.
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It is possible to develop breast cancer without ever noticing any symptoms. If you have any confusion about whether you may have breast cancer, you should consult a breast Breast Cancer Specialist in Delhi.

Breast Cancer Specialist in Delhi

Causes of Breast Cancer

There is an increased risk of breast cancer among women who are 55 or older. There is no exact reason why people develop breast cancer. However, a few factors can put you at risk of developing breast cancer.

A family history of breast cancer increases your chances of developing it at some point in your life. It is possible to develop breast cancer if you smoke or drink alcohol. Besides, Obesity increases your risk of breast cancer or recurrence. Furthermore, a person who has had radiation therapy on their head, neck, and chest is more likely to develop breast cancer. Hormone replacement therapy can also put you at risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

How can you get the best treatment for Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer Specialists in Delhi like Dr Priya Tiwari will examine your breasts and ask about your health history. There are a few tests that will help her to understand your condition. These tests may include:

  • Mammogram
  • Ultrasonography.
  • Positron emission tomography (PET) scanning
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Breast Cancer Specialist in Delhi

Based on the results of your tests, she will help you make the right decision. There are different stages of breast cancer. A number of factors determine the stage, including the size and location of the tumor. Using her years of experience, she will provide you with the right consultation.

Is it possible to cure breast cancer?

It is possible to cure breast cancer. Breast cancer can be treated with a variety of methods, including surgery, hormone therapy, targeted drug therapy, Radiation therapy, chemotherapy and more.

Several factors are involved in determining the most appropriate treatment for you. Depending on your unique needs, DR. Priya Tiwari will tailor your treatment plan. The practice of combining different treatments is also very common to completely cure breast cancer.

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