Gall Bladder Cancer Treatment in Delhi

Gall bladders are small organs that aid digestion. Gallbladder cancer tumors can appear anywhere in the gallbladder. Gallbladder cancer's location, size, spread, and general health determine what kind will be best for you.

Why should you consult Dr. Priya Tiwari for gall bladder cancer treatment in Delhi?

Priya Tiwari is one of the most highly regarded cancer specialists in Delhi. She has years of experience in knowledge not provide you with the most effective gallbladder cancer treatment. She will provide personalized treatment depending on your age, cancer stage, and health condition.

How does gall bladder cancer occur?

Gallbladder cancer may develop when healthy gallbladder cells develop DNA mutations. The accumulating cells form a tumor, which can spread to other body organs in addition to the gallbladder. Adenocarcinoma is the medical term for the type of gallbladder cancer that develops in such cells.

What are the causes and symptoms of gall bladder cancer?

What specifically causes gallbladder cancer is unclear. Some factors have been linked to gallbladder cancer.

  • Smoking
  • Contact with chemicals used in the rubber and textile sectors.
  • Common bile duct contains crystal.
  • Possess infections, inflammation, or polyps in the gallbladder.
  • Consume a poor diet.

Gallbladder cancer symptoms could be nonexistent or difficult to detect. Gallbladder cancer signs and symptoms include:

  • Your skin or the whites of your eyes turn yellow if you have jaundice.
  • A high temperature or the sensation of being hot or shaky
  • appetite loss or unintentional weight loss
  • Additionally, you may encounter dry skin, darker urine, paler poop than usual
  • stomach pain, especially in the upper right corner of the stomach
  • a severely bloated stomach that is unrelated to your eating habits

Is gall bladder cancer curable?

Yes, it is possible to treat gallbladder cancer, but only if it has not spread outside the gallbladder. By examining survival rates, one can establish the proportion of people with the same type and stage of cancer who are still living five years (or more) after their diagnosis. While they can't predict how long you'll survive, they might be able to assist you in better grasping the likelihood that your therapy will be effective.

Which is the best- Chemo, Targeted, or Immunotherapy for treating gall bladder cancer?

For use in patients with locally advanced or metastatic biliary tract cancer, including those with bile duct cancer and gallbladder cancer, who were also taking the chemotherapy drugs gemcitabine and cisplatin, the FDA authorized durvalumab (Imfinzi) in 2022. A form of Immunotherapy known as an immune checkpoint inhibitor is durvalumab. A protein known as an immunological checkpoint can prevent the body's immune system from attacking cancer cells. Durvalumab functions by concentrating on and shutting down the immunological checkpoint PD-1, enabling the immune system to locate and destroy cancer cells.

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